A Message from the Director: “Info, info, and more info…”

The Board of Trustees and I are committed to supporting a lifelong enjoyment of reading and learning.  Our goal is to provide materials and services to help community residents obtain information meeting their personal, educational, and professional needs.  We’re constantly searching for ideas and new ways to carry out our mission.  I’m very optimistic that this website will become a valuable resource for the residents of Hill.

Here at the library, I strive to inform and empower every person in our community by creating and promoting easy access to information.  However, getting important messages and info to the entire community can be quite a challenge at times!  So, along with providing information on library materials and events, I intend to post a wide variety of information that I hope will be useful to the residents of Hill, and those in surrounding communities.  Please visit the Programs/Events page for monthly schedules.  If you have any suggestions about info you’d like to see here, or items that would be of interest to your neighbors, feel free to phone or email the library.