A Letter from the Friends of Hill Public Library

Dear Members & Prospective Members of the Friends of the Hill Public Library;

Why would you want to become a member of our Friends Group? So you can help support:

  1. A resource center which provides available information
  2. Growth of knowledge
  3. Opportunity to learn a new skill/hobby
  4. Reading the latest fiction for pleasure, whatever your age
  5. Special programming that is fun as well as educational

Later this month,  we’ll be mailing our annual Membership Drive information.   An individual membership costs just $5.  But there are other ways you can show your support such as volunteering at the library or making a donation from our Wish List provided below.   A return form will be provided with the letter so you can let us know how you’d like to help.

Library Wish List

  • New children’s books (picture, chapter books, or juvenile non-fiction)
  • New Adult Fiction
  • Adult books on CD
  • Magazine subscriptions
  • Craft supplies/materials
  • Copier/printer paper

We hope you will consider what contributions you can make to reinforce this vital community resource by joining the Friends of Hill Public Library.  In addition to monetary donations, a contribution of both your time and talent would be welcome to assist and maintain the growth of our library.  We thank you in advance for your generous support.


Elected Officers of the Friends:
Brenda Dupuis, President
Lynn Christopher, Vice-President
Norma Kane, Secretary
Jeannine David, Treasurer
Pamela Desrochers, Member-at-Large