‘Cut the Carbon’ kits available at the library

Energy efficiency help for homeowners is on the way as hundreds of “Cut the Carbon” kits arrive this month in public libraries across New Hampshire.  Provided by nhsaves, the collaborative effort of the state’s four largest electric utilities, the kits feature a Kill A Watt meter that library patrons can use to assess the efficiency of their appliances and make changes to lower their energy usage.

Each kit includes instructions on the proper use of the Kill A Watt meter, as well as a simple worksheet that allows utility customers to calculate the energy costs associated with each device in their homes.  Tips and advice are also included. Hill Public Library has two kits available for town residents, a they may be borrowed for two weeks.

Approved by Governor Lynch and the Executive Council in August 2009, the Cut the Carbon energy monitor program is one of the first initiatives to be supported by the state’s Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative fund.  We hope our library patrons will find the kits useful in making smarter energy decisions, and ultimately help save them money.