Notice of New Library Schedule

As a result of the drastic budgetary cuts made during the 2010 Town Meeting, the Library Board of Trustees and staff regretfully announce a reduction in library hours.  Effective immediately, the library will be open for business on:

  • Wednesday      9 AM~5 PM
  • Thursday     9 AM~5 PM
  • Friday      9 AM~5 PM

Please note, the library will be closed on Tuesday evenings.  We apologize for this inconvenience to our patrons.


1 thought on “Notice of New Library Schedule

  1. I would like to see the Library open on Tuesday Night and possible closed on Weneday in stead. The rest of our Town Offices are open on Tuesday Night and so should the Library. I would also like to may recommand a reading night on Tuesday and have a book of the night to be reed and ask someone in the town to come would could also have pizza / juice and seel for $2.00 to help raise money for somthing on your wish list.

    Thanks Paula

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