A Letter From the Library Board of Trustees…

Dear Library Patrons,

The Hill Public Library needs your support!!!!  Our budget has been cut $7,000.00 from the 2009 budget of $28,000.00!!!!!!  Not only do we not expect these dollars to be added back into the library budget in 2011,  we are expecting more to be cut.  Initially, the suggested cut by one of the residents was $14,000.00!  That’s HALF of what we used in 2009!  This budget cut is the result of the “outspoken few” in Hill who see little or no value in the availability of a library and librarian to the residents.

The library trustees do not spend your tax dollars frivolously. We spend the few dollars we have on the bare bones necessities needed to operate and keep the library open and convenient for our patrons.

In the coming year PLEASE speak to your friends about supporting us in next year’s elections, budget committee meetings and town meeting.  The original budget was voted down by only 16 votes!!!!!  It costs Hill tax payers LESS THAN 2 CENTS of their tax dollar to have this wonderful library open 4 days a week with 4 computers, thousands of books, research capabilities through the interlibrary loan service, and so much more.  (If we lose the book budget and are not able to purchase books, then we are also in jeopardy of losing the interlibrary loan service.)

Results of the budget cuts to the Hill Public Library:

  • Closed on Tuesdays and possible cut in more hours of operation.
  • No $$$ for the Summer Reading Program
  • $1,650.00 book budget to be cut

Ignorance costs us more as a civilized and educated society than the cost of keeping our places of learning open.


Thank You.

The Hill Public Library Trustees

Julie Hunter, Chairperson
Gayle Seip, Treasurer
Melanie Waldvogel, Secretary