Fall Festival a Huge Success!

The Library’s annual Fall Festival was held on Saturday, September 25.  It was, in a word, awesome.  The weather was amazing and the crowd, enthusiastic.  There were literally thousands of great books available for browsing.  Festival-goers found it hard to resist our impressive array of delicious homemade goodies, which included fantastic items such as pumpkin pie, apple streudel, and baked beans.  Several local crafters were present, as was Linda Dumond, a certified Bob Ross Instructor.  For a reasonable fee, patrons were able to take home their own completed paintings after a mini-class led by Linda.  The event was not only a lot of fun, but very profitable as well.  Much to our surprise, we raised over $800 for the library!

This fundraiser would not have been a success without the assistance of many.  We’d like to thank the Friends of the Hill Public Library, Martha Jordan, Norma Kane, Steve Hunter, Steve & Zack Plante, Bob & Sandy Lundfholm, and Steve Taylor for their time and effort in organizing the book sale.  Many thanks as well to Linda & Chuck Denningham and our team of bakers who helped make the event a sweet success!  A special “thank you” goes to Sarah Gabert for making and distributing Festival posters.

To all those who attended the Fall Festival, we give our heartfelt thanks for your overwhelming support of the Hill Public Library!


A couple of HPL fans



My own happy little mountain!



That's a lot of books!



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