Cow Pie Bingo Tickets Available Now!!

Meet Buck.

Have you "herd" the news? Someone's going to win a lot of moolah playing Cow Pie Bingo!

Buck has become somewhat of a celebrity here at the Hill Public Library.  If you’re wondering why, well, it’s quite simple.  Buck is going to make some “bucks” for one lucky person at HPL’s Old Home Day fundraiser, Cow Pie Bingo.  Here’s how:

  1. Purchase a square for $5.
  2. On August 20, Buck will leave a “deposit” on one of  the 300 numbered squares.
  3. If it’s your square, you win $500!!

See how easy it is?  5 Bucks=500 Bucks=Thanks to Buck

Tickets are available for sale now at the library, Hill Village Store, and through Friends of HPL members. Tickets will also be sold during the Old Home Day events while they last.  Thanks for your support, and thank you, too, Buck!






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