Visiting the Beyond

Do you have an interest in the paranormal?  Please join us on Monday, January 23, 7 p.m., when the Friends of Hill Public Library will present, “Visiting the Beyond” with Curt Strutz.  Curt is a cast member of the TV show “Paranormal Generation” which can be seen in 10 states and on the MyParaTV web site.

Curt Strutz loves haunted houses.  We’re not talking the silly haunted houses at the carnival-these are nationally recognized haunted locations throughout the country.  Curt has visited them and has the proof on film!  In his “Visiting the Beyond” seminar, Curt will take you into some of the nation’s most haunted locations.  He has visited battlefields, deserted asylums, and known haunted residences around the U.S.  Photos, Video, and testimonies will be reviewed, as well as the history behind each location.  This is not only a great presentation for folks interested in ghosts and ghosts hunting, but also for big time history buffs.

During this program Curt will discuss the different tools used by a “ghost hunter”, and possible theories about ghosts and paranormal activity.  Due to some of the material covered, the show is geared for teens and adults.  For more information about this free program, please call 934-9712.



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