Save Our Library!

To All Library Patrons:

Once again, as town meeting approaches, the library is being singled out by a core group of people who would like to see it closed.  It has come to our attention that a petition is being circulated around town to cut the library budget in half and/or close the library altogether.  The only way for our library to survive is to have our PATRONS SPEAK UP at the Public Budget Hearing AND Town Meeting in support of the library and the value that it has for our community.  PLEASE help and show us YOU CARE by attending these meetings!


Hill Library Board of Trustees

  Public Hearing for Town Budget: 2/09/2012 @ 7 PM

Annual Town Meeting: 3/15/2012 @ 7 PM

Both meetings to be held in the Amsden Auditorium at the JD Blake School.



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