Library to Host a Weight Management Support Group

Beginning Sept 14, 2017, Thursdays at 5 PM, we will meet, get weighed, and talk about how to eat better, find an eating program that will work for each individual, figure out what each individual needs to fit weight loss and/or healthy eating into his or her life. This is NOT a “ladies’ only meeting”; nor is it specifically a weight loss group. We are planning a private weigh-in for about 20 minutes before a weekly meeting of about 30 minutes. Those who come late will need to weigh after the meeting is completed.
Barbara Libby, a former Weight Watchers leader of ten years experience, and Lisa Seymour, formerly a TOPS member, will facilitate the meetings. This group is not affiliated with Weight Watchers, TOPS, or any designated program group. Neither Barbara nor Lisa are registered dietitians. The purpose of the meetings is to share information, techniques, recipes, encouragement and support in regard to weight management.
If you are interested, have questions, or are ready to begin, please RSVP Barbara Libby at or call me at 744-6154. That first meeting will be organizational in content so attendance is especially important.